A global blockchain AI-executive protocol

A conversational AI technology connects an audience of
2.14 billion online shoppers worldwide with the DeFi crypto markets
Partners & Integrations

GT-Protocol Ecosystem

  • 1
    Amanda AI conversational assistant
  • 2
    CeDeFi Investment Pools
  • 3
    Cryptocurrency algo trading for CEXes and DEXes
  • 4
    GTP Staking
  • 5
    DAO governance
  • 6
    GTP token as a key element of an ecosystem

The AI-interface for the blockchain

GT-Protocol brilliantly combines Conversational Artificial Intelligence and Decentralized Finance, providing users with cryptocurrency cashback for online purchases and offering options for reinvestment in decentralized finance, all managed through a human-like conversational chat interface as easy as talk to a friend.

MetaMask support

Use MetaMask and 10+ other wallets to connect to a pool of your favorite trader
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  • Gulam Ambiya
    View @gulamambiya comment in our Telegram chat
    Total profit is 3043.27 USD
    I started spot bot on 5th Jan. In 25 days I earned more than 3K in spot without a single loss and without fear of liquidation.
    Thanks a lot to create a such a great solution for us.
  • Dirt
    View @Feedmem0re comment in our Telegram chat
    I earned almost +47% profit for last month with my own settigns. Robert gave key hints regarding settings optimization. Best of all time. Thanks Team, much appreciated it feels we are all together, all the way!
GT-Protocol Team
Team members have been working more than 9+ years together
  • CEO

    12 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, 4 years of experience in сryptocurrency & blockchain.

    Successfully ran 4 businesses. Co-founder of Blockchain development company Robosoft since 2017.

  • CBDO

    8 years of experience in IT, Marketing and business development, 4 years of experience in cryptocurrency & blockchain. 

    Managed large-scale marketing campaigns with $3,000,000+ marketing budget and 307% ROI.

  • Oleksandr
  • Ksenia
    Head of Finance
  • Pavel
    BackEnd developer
  • Serge
    FrontEnd developer
  • Igor
    Head of QA
  • Eugen
    DevOps engineer
  • Yulia
    Project manager
  • Olga
    R&D Manager
  • Andrew
    R&D Manager
  • Sergey
    Marketing manager
  • Alex
  • Robert
    Head of Community
  • Martha
    Support Team
  • Anna
    Support Team
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